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Workmanship Standards Training

NASA Workmanship Training Centers

GSFC School (Level A Training Center)


JPL School (Level A Training Center)


MSFC School (Level B Training Center)


JSC School (Level B Training Center)



NASA Workmanship Training FAQs


1. Where can I find NASA Workmanship Training policies?  NASA-STD-8739.6, Appendix A.


2. Who is required to take NASA Workmanship Training?  Operators, Inspectors and Instructors.  See NASA-STD-8739.6, Appendix A.


3. Who is required to be Workmanship certified?  Certain types of instructors.  See NASA-STD-8739.6, Appendix A.  Certification is no longer a process used for NASA Workmanship operators and inspectors.


4.  A special situation will prevent me from meeting the 24 month operator (or inspector) retraining deadline.  How can I get my certification extended?  Certification is no longer a process used for NASA Workmanship operators or inspectors.  Suppliers who cannot comply with a NASA requirement, including the requirement that NASA Workmanship operators and inspectors shall be retrained every 24 months or less, are advised to seek requirements relief through applicable channels (i.e., waiver relief).

5.  Do I have to get my training from a NASA training center?  No, you may obtain training from your organization's Level B instructor.  See NASA-STD-8739.6, Appendix A.

6. Do I have to take IPC training for J-STD-001FS from a NASA training center?  No, training may be taken from any IPC-certified J-STD-001 trainer (i.e., CIT).

7. Do I have to get my training program approved by NASA?  No, however NASA retains the option to review and approve Workmanship training programs upon request and/or per an applicable contract.

8.  Do I obtain ESD training from the NASA training centers?  ESD training is custom to the ESD control plan applicable to the work environment.  ESD training is available from the NASA training centers however they are generally only applicable for work performed at the associated NASA Center.  ESD training is custom and local.  See NASA-STD-8739.6, Appendix A.


Comments and Suggestions for Workmanship Training