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 Quality Assurance for Water Soluble Flux
Notes on NASA-STD-8739.2

Notes on NASA-STD-8739.2

The following are application notes for NASA-STD-8739.2.  The information herein does not represent formal requirements but is provided as guidence.

NOTE 1.  Managing Quality Assurance for Water Soluble Flux

Explanation and guidance is provided for reviewers of requests for use of this material on mission hardware in this Presentation.

NOTE 2:  NASA Adoption of J-STD-001xS.1 Space Addendum for Soldering:

NASA Programs and Projects starting after 2011 (see publication date associated with NPD 8730.5, Change 1) are required to baseline IPC J-STD-001ES rather than NASA-STD-8739.2 and NASA-STD-8739.3 in their mission assurance requirements that are flown to developers and suppliers of applicable hardware.  Impacts and options associated with the enabling the Agency policy to track with updates to the J-STD-001xS revision letter are being examined.  Until further study and decisions are achieved, NPD 8730.5 will continue to carry a specific revision letter. 

NOTE 3:  Clarification of "Special Processes" in paragraph 4.1.3

In the current NASA Workmanship requirements corpus, this requirement is found and clarified in NASA-STD-8739.6, 4.3.2.