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A year with no MAPLD? No way!
The NASA Electronic Parts and Packaging (NEPP) Program is proud to announce
an interim meeting to be held in lieu of MAPLD for 2007.
This is a one-year only event.

Military and Aerospace FPGA and Applications (MAFA) Meeting

When: Tuesday, Nov 27th – Thursday, Nov 29th, 2007
Where: Palm Beach Gardens Marriott
Palm Beach, FL

Logistics Notes
Registration fee: $0 (free)
Maximum number of attendees: 300 (50 slots will be held for NASA and JPL attendees)
Side meeting rooms will be available throughout each day

Meeting Information
The meeting will be held over 3 full days with each day focused on a differing FPGA-related area.

Day One
Industry day: focused on vendor products and roadmaps (in lieu of an industrial exhibit)
Day Two
Radiation/reliability day: focused on recent results and plans for radiation and reliability related endeavors with FPGAs
Day Three
Applications day: focused on applications and field experience using FPGAs for military and aerospace systems

This is an open meeting with US citizenship or green card NOT being required.
However, an ITAR-restricted session may be held pending submission contents.

Program Schedule

A preliminary schedule has been prepared and is immediately
available for viewing as a web page or as a PDF file.

To Present

(Abstract submissions are now closed)

If you are interested in presenting, please have a short abstract (1 page or less) prepared to submit to the Presentation Submission Page. Please include title, presenter, organization, contact information, and which of the 3 days above (industry/reliability/applications) the submission is focused on. Submission will be handled on this website and sent to the chairs for each day for review and acceptance. Conference record will be in the form of slides (ppt or pdf) available via the NEPP website ( after the meeting.

To Register to Attend

Given the nature of this interim meeting (no registration fee with a limit of attendees), registration to attend will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Register here at our Registration Page, but please only register if it is likely you will be able to attend (i.e., too many no-shows causes logistic issue). Registration deadline is extended until 10/29/2007.


Please pass this invite URL to others who may be interested.
Kenneth A. LaBel and Michael J. Sampson, NEPP co-Managers  
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