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NPSL NASA Parts Selection List
IPLS Internet Parts Locator Service - CAGE Codes 
GEIA Government Electronics & Technology Association
JAXA DB JAXA Database of Qualified EEE Parts and Materials
GIDEP Government Industry Data Exchange Program
GSFC GSFC EEE Parts Program
JPL JPL EEE Parts Program
JPL Parts  Parts and Packaging
LaRC LaRC EEE Parts Home Page
NEPP NASA Electronic Parts and Packaging Program
Air Force Air Force Space Systems Acquisition
JAN Class S Stock Hosted by La AFB
ISS-JSC JSC EEE Parts Homepage
ESCIES European Space Components Information Exchange System
JAXA Japanese Space Agency 
NTSP NASA Technical Standards Program
WORKMANSHIP NASA Workmanship Home Page
KATZ Rich Katz's Programmable Logic Information Pages
Tin Whiskers Tin Whiskers Website
ASIC Guide ASIC Guidelines Hosted by JPL
PBMA Quality Leadership Forum
TRL Technology Readiness Level
DSCC Optimization What has been eliminated by Optimization
NASA Quality NASA Quality Website
NRO National Reconnaissance Office
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