DC-DC Converter Portal

Guide to Designers and EEE Part Engineers for the

Application of DC-DC Converters in Space Systems


This portal is published and maintained for and by NASA GSFC for internal use and as a guide to electrical designers and EEE parts engineers.  The information in this portal is for information only and is not intended to be a substitute for contractual or programmatic requirements documentation.  Questions about or inputs to this site should be addressed to Jeannette Plante.



1.      NESC DC/DC Converter Reliability Guideline Document: Access to the document requires an account for http://standards.nasa.gov.  When in NASA Standards website, click on the above link –or- search on DC/DC Converter in keyword search box.

2.      Failure/Concerns Log 

Tally of problems and failures encountered for DC/DC Converters used in space programs

3.      DC/DC Converter Usage Database

(Account required – this link automatically shows you login screen and how to apply for an account.  Accounts allowed for NASA and NASA contractors only).

4.      DC/DC Converter Experts for Project Support

5.      Article with background on DC/DC Converter issues (a primer)

6.      DC/DC Converter Technology Evaluations by JAXA (link to presentation) and ESA.

7.      Comparison of DC/DC Converter Needs throughout the Aerospace Industry

8.      Military Specification Information for DC/DC Converters