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Wire Shorting Problem

10.  Wire Shorting Problem

This flight connector assembly was found to have 2 reliability issues related to workmanship. The shield ends on the twisted pair were found to be improperly trimmed with no insulation covering the shield strands. In addition the wire insulation of one of the twisted pairs was found to be in contact with screw threads creating a possible shorting problem. Either one of theses conditions has the potential to cause a failure.

Reference :
19.6 Inspection Criteria
1. Acceptance Criteria.
e. Cable and Harness Assemblies: (11) All exposed metal is covered as defined on the applicable drawing. (12) Heat shrinkable sleeving or nonconductive tape extends at least 5.1 mm (0.2 inch) beyond exposed metal. (20) Routing does not expose cables and harnesses to abrasion, cold flow, or cut-through.

Wire shorts inside connector backshell


Wire shorts inside connector backshell