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 Printed Wiring Assembly Problems
 Printed Wiring Board Problems
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 Fiber Optics
 Wiring and Cabling
Workmanship Problems Pictorial Reference

Workmanship Problems Pictorial Reference

This section is provided to illustrate some of the reasons behind NASA's workmanship and process requirements. The pictures contained in these pages are actual images of space flight hardware that failed during testing (primarily during vibration or thermal cycling environmental tests).  
All diagrams and visual aids included in this section are intended to provide insight to certified operators, inspectors and instructors who visually assess the compliance of flight hardware with this standard. 


thumbnail image of a pwa

Printed Wiring Assemblies

optical fiber with shrunken coating layer

Fiber Optics





thumbnail image of a pwb

Printed Wiring Boards

thumbnail of a wire

Wiring and Cabling





surface of bus wire fracture