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2.1 General:

The NPSL is a selection tool providing designers with a list of EEE parts intended to meet system design requirements and NASA Parts Program quality/reliability levels. It is not mandatory that the parts listed herein be the only selections used to design a system, but if a particular function is needed and a suitable part is listed, the NASA EEE Parts Assurance Group (NEPAG) recommends the listed part as the first order of precedence for selection. Selecting a part from the NPSL may provide cost savings/avoidance for the project because:
  • The procurement specification already exists
  • The manufacturer has had a NASA survey or government audit performed
  • The parts are available under one or several NASA accepted quality assurance systems
  • Part qualification has been successfully completed
  • All or most of the parts engineering has already been performed

The parts listed are approved for use only if NASA flight project approval is given. The document lists parts according to established quality assurance levels and NASA Parts Program knowledge of the product and manufacturer such as qualification history, GIDEP and failure trends, and delivery performance. This combination allows NEPAG to make a technical assessment of the quality, availability, capability and reliability and to list parts at a corresponding quality level within this document.

2.2 World Wide Web Access to the NPSL

The NPSL has been developed and will be maintained as an on-line World Wide Web homepage accessible via The primary objectives of using the WWW as the platform for maintaining the NPSL are to:

  • Provide broad and ready access by NASA affiliated organizations world wide
  • Facilitate quick updates, modifications, and revisions
  • Provide links to additional EEE part information

Users will have to access the NPSL on-line and be able to download the document if a printout is desired.

2.3 Configuration Management

Revisions to the NPSL are handled at the commodity selection page level where each commodity listing may be revised on an as-needed basis. Each specific commodity section of the NPSL has a revision history link for that particular section only. The revision history link provides a brief summary of changes and the date when those changes were introduced. This approach to configuration management enables the NPSL to be updated in a more flexible manner without requiring a new revision level for the NPSL as a whole whenever any individual section changes. However, this approach to revision control does not allow one to easily capture prior revisions of the NPSL for any particular point in time.

2.4 Appendices:

Appendix A (when released) will contain guidelines for derating parts. In general, these guidelines are accepted by NEPAG for use on all projects. Flight projects may elect to further develop these guidelines into requirements. Appendix A may not contain derating criteria for all part types, but guidelines provided can be used as a baseline for project derating requirements.

Appendix B is a repository of useful WWW links to additional parts information databases which can be accessed to support parts selection and application issues.

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