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Electrical, Electronic, and Electromechanical (EEE) Parts for Small Missions Workshop

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Notional "swarm" - NASA Edison Project

Meeting Dates: Sep 10-11, 2014
Location: NASA/GSFC Greenbelt, MD Bldg 3 auditorium and via web participation

On-site participation will be limited to US citizens/green card holders as well as auditorium capacity

Registration is open (Click Here) until 8/20/2014

We seek participation from industry, university,
and other government agencies. Volunteers are welcome

As a follow-on to an internal NASA EEE parts workshop held in 2013, the NEPP Program will be hosting an open workshop entitled "EEE Parts for Small Missions". Small Missions are loosely defined as those under 500 kg, but the emphasis here is on under 100 kg. The workshop focus will be on discussing tailoring EEE parts approaches based on mission risk and expectations. This includes "traditional" (science) and "non-traditional" (demonstration) missions with CubeSat electronics a prime discussion area.

The notional plan for the workshop is:

  • Day 1 (overview, tutorials, concepts)

    • NASA Small Missions Overview (CubeSat level)
    • Other Government Agencies and Small Missions (CubeSat level)
    • First exposure to "reliability and radiation" for novice space designers to EEE parts: rules of thumb considerations to improve mission success probabilities (CubeSats)
      • Examples of asking the right questions:
        • Is reliability the same as availability?
        • What are the general space issues for EEE parts?
        • I tested my board/box, is that sufficient risk reduction?
        • Does fault tolerance cure all ills? And so on…
    • Downscaling traditional parts qualification approaches for small missions (risk acceptance versus qualification)
    • Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS)
      • Expectations for space: strengths and weaknesses.
      • Automotive electronics: does this increase our reliability vs. COTS?

  • Day 2 (NASA EEE Parts efforts, forum for interaction)

    • NEPP Program Tasks
      • CubeSat EEE Parts Database
      • CubeSat Microcontrollers and Processors
      • CubeSat Power Devices
    • Forum for discussion of recent efforts, plans, opportunities, and accomplishments.
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