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Preliminary Schedule
Time Session Wednesday September 10th
8:00 AM Coffee and Registration Check-In
9:00 AM Introduction and Government Agency Presentations Introduction and NASA Electronic Parts and Packaging Overview
9:30 AM European Space Agency: CubeSat Overview
Roger Walker, ESA
10:00 AM Break (20 min)
10:20 AM Small Spacecraft Technology at NASA
Andrew Petro, NASA
11:00 AM NASA CubeSat Launch Initiative
Garrett Skrobot, NASA
11:30 AM Small Satellite Parts On Orbit Now (SPOON)
Charlene Jacka, AFRL
12:00 PM Lunch (60 min)
1:00 PM Basic Concepts Why Space is Unique? The Basic Environment Challenges for EEE Parts
1:30 PM Traditional EEE Part Testing versus "Higher Assembly" Validation Tests - Is Better the Enemy of Good Enough?
Henning Leidecker, NASA/GSFC

2:00 PM

Panel: Fault Tolerance: Does It Cure All Ills?
Leader: Jesse Leitner, NASA
2:30 PM Break (30 min)
3:00 PM COTS and Risk Is It Wise to Fly Automotive Electronics?
Michael Sampson, NASA/GSFC
3:30 PM The Challenges of PEMs Packaging
S. Ali Lilani, Integra Technologies
3:50 PM Relative Radiation Risk Reduction for Small Spacecraft and New Designers
Michael Campola, NASA/GSFC
4:20 PM Using Modeling to Provide Realistic Radiation Requirements
Thomas Jordan, EMPC
4:45 PM End of Day 1
Time Session Thursday September 11th
8:00 AM Coffee and Registration Check-In
9:00 AM Approaches to Small Missions Cygnss: Lessons Learned from a Class D Mission
Jessica Stack Tumlinson, SwRI
9:30 AM RadFX: Cube-Sat Based Payload to Study Radiation Effects in Advanced Electronics
Robert Reed, Vanderbilt
9:50 AM Small Satellites Hardened by Design Using Non-space Qualified EEE Parts
Roberto Cibils, INVAP
10:10 AM Break (20 min)
10:30 AM EEE Parts Qualification Tailoring Traditional Parts Qualification
Pat Dugan, NASA/GSFC
11:00 AM Tailoring TOR for Class D Missions
Charles Hymowitz, AEi Systems
11:30 AM Alternative Methods to Qualify EEE parts for Small Missions
Craig Hillman, DFR Solutions
12:00 PM Lunch (60 min)
1:00 PM Invited The First 200 CubeSats
Prof. Michael Swartwout, Saint Louis University
1:30 PM NEPP Tasks CubeSat Parts Database: NASA Usage and Kit Manufacturers
Doug Sheldon, JPL

1:50 PM

Candidate CubeSat Processors
Steve Guertin, JPL
2:10 PM Candidate CubeSat Power Devices
Leif Scheick, JPL
2:30 PM Arduino/Raspberry Pi: Hobbyist Hardware and Radiation Total Dose Degradation
Daniel Violette, UConn/NASA
2:50 PM Break (25 min)
3:15 PM Burn-In of Complex Commercial Parts
Marti McCurdy, Silicon 360
4:00 PM Panel and Concepts Panel: The "Right" Power Architecture for CubeSats
Leader: John Shue, NASA
4:30 PM

Wrapup Discussion

5:00 PM End of Day 2

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