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Assurance Issues Related to Electronic Wire Bonds

Objectives and Background

The purpose of this website is to provide the NASA community with information about recent failure incidences affecting NASA's flight hardware.  Through this information, failure mechanisms associated with electronic wire bonds will be presented.  General information about wire bonding technology is provided to give background information to those readers who are not familiar with it or with the vast amount of literature available on this topic.  Note: This site is not intended to provide every detailed aspect  about electronic device wire bonding, though it contains general information. Only topics and problems of interest to the GSFC community will be highlighted and discussed in this site.

Recent Topics and Problems

Intermetallic material formed from Indium solder coming in contact with Gold wire bonds.

General Information About Electronic Wire Bonding

The links in this part of the site provide introductory information about wire bonding technology.  The amount of information in the scientific literature about wire bonding technology is vast.  George Harman's Wire Bonding in Microelectronics Materials, Processes, Reliability and Yield, 2nd Edition, McGraw Hill, 1997 is an excellent place to start for the casual observer as well as professionals in the electronic parts industry.  Dr. Harman has allowed us to share some of his collected references in our Literature Reference section as well.

Gold Wire Vibrations Long wire bonds examined for resonant frequency within box-level vibration test spectra.