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 Bubbles in Conformal Coating
 Conformal Coating Non-Wetting
 Excessive Staking
 Fatigue Fracture
 Collateral Failure from Solder Lug Modification
 Improper Use of Removal Tool
 Improper Cover Installation
 Staking Errors
 Lack of Stress Relief
 Conductive Short from Contamination
 Solder Cup Disturbed Solder Joint Failure
 Tantalum Capacitor Staking Failure
 Vibration Failure of Part Leads
 Wave Solder Process Problem
Printed Wiring Assembly Problems

Printed Wiring Assembly Problems

1. Bubbles in conformal coating under FPGA

2. Conformal coating non-wetting

3. Excessive staking

4. Fatigue fracture - no mechanical support

5. Fiber contamination in conformal coating.

6. Improper modification of solder lug causing short

7. Improper use of removal tool

8. Improper cover installation causing lifted pad

9. Insufficient/wrong type of staking material

10. Lack of stress relief

11. Possible shorting potential resulting from contamination

12. Solder cup cold solder joint failure

13. Staking failure on tantalum capacitor

14. Vibration-induced failure of electric component leads

15. Wavesolder process problem