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Microcircuit ESD Damage

2. Components:  C2 MOS capacitor ESD damage

Here are two images showing ESD damage to a C2 MOS capacitor. What appears to be a slight pinhole on the top image shows to be substantial damage to the trace when examined at 4300X. .

This damage could have been prevented had the appropriate ESD safe-guards been in place.

Reference :
NASA-STD-8739.7 paragraph 7.2
Protected Work Environment
3. ESD-Protective Work Surfaces - All work surfaces in an ESD-protected area shall be static dissipative and electrically connected to the common point ground.
5. Personnel Grounding Devices - Personnel Grounding Devices shall be supplied to all personnel working with or handling ESDS items to prevent the accumulation of dangerous electrostatic charge levels.

SEM image of ESD damage site on microcircuit die

SEM image of ESD damage site on microcircuit die