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2014 NEPP ETW Presentation Materials

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Time Tuesday 6/17
8:00 AM Coffee and Registration Check-In
9:00 AM Welcome and Introduction
Ken LaBel, Mike Sampson
9:30 AM Invited: Qualification <> Trust
Lawrence Harzstark, The Aerospace Corp
10:00 AM Break (30 min)
10:30 AM Keynote: NASA Parts "Graveyard"
Mike Sampson
11:00 AM NEPP Automotive Tasks
Intro: Ken LaBel
Presenters / Talks:
Mike Sampson
Shri Agarwal
Jay Brusse
12:00 PM Lunch (90 min)
1:30 PM Invited: Screening vs. Qualification
Shri Agarwal

2:00 PM

Hermeticity Overview and Task Discussion
Kathy Laird, Pat McManus
3:00 PM Break (30 min)
3:30 PM Counterfeit Electronics
Mary Lockhart, Wyle Aerospace Group / AFRL (15 min)
3:45 PM NEPP Power / Widebandgap Tasks
DC-DC Working Group: Pete Majewicz, John E. Pandolf;
GaN Radiation:
Leif Scheick;
SiC Radiation: Jean Marie Lauenstein;
Combined Effects/Widebandgap:
Ahmad Hammoud
5:00 PM End of Day 1
Time Wednesday 6/18
8:00 AM Coffee and Registration Check-In
9:00 AM Keynote: NASA Radiation Hardness Assurance
Ken LaBel
9:30 AM Invited: Reliable Space Systems from Unreliable Parts?
Henning Leidecker
10:00 AM Break (30 min)
10:30 AM (HiREV Invited Talk)
Device-Level BTI-induced Timing Jitter Increase in Circuit-Speed Random Logic Operation

K.P. Cheung, NIST
11:00 AM National High Reliability Electronics Virtual Center Program Update
Daniel Marrujo, DMEA
11:20 AM Analog Digital Signal Processor Multi-Chip Module
CJ Land, Harris Corporation
11:50 AM Lunch (90 min)
1:20 PM Open Questions in GaN Physics of Failure: Focus on Chennel Hot Carrier Stress
Dr. Eric Heller, AFRL RX

1:50 PM

GaN Defects Observed by EBIC, AFM, and CL
Stephen Tetlak, AFRL RY

2:15 PM Study of Cross-Sectioned GaN HEMT Devices
Dr. Albert Hilton, Wyle Aerospace Group
2:40 PM AFRL/RVSE Reliability Effort Update
Keith Avery, ARFL RV
3:05 PM Break (25 min)
3:30 PM CALM 90nm
Presentation -- CALM Spec/API
Jon Osborn, Lead
(This talk was originally unavailable during the ETW)
4:00 PM Side Meetings
(Online access will not be available)
4:30 PM
5:00 PM End of Day 2
Time Thursday 6/19
8:00 AM Coffee and Registration Check-In
8:45 AM NEPP Capacitor Tasks
BME: David Liu;
MLCC: Alexander Teverovsky
9:30 AM NEPP Processor/SOC Tasks
SOC Guideline (Radiation): Steve Guertin
10:00 AM Break (30 min)
10:30 AM Keynote: Xilinx V5QV Independent SEU Data
Melanie Berg
11:30 AM NEPP FPGA Tasks
Overview: Ken LaBel
12:00 PM Lunch (90 min)
1:30 PM NEPP CubeSat / Small Mission Tasks

Intro: Ken LaBel;
CubeSat Database: Doug Sheldon;
Mobile Processors/Microcontrollers:
Steve Guertin;
CubeSat Power Devices: Leif Scheick
2:30 PM NEPP CMOS (32nm and below)
Radiation: Jonny Pellish
28nm Reliability: Doug Sheldon
3:00 PM Break (30 min)
3:30 PM NEPP CMOS (Advanced Memories - Resistive and 3D Memories)
Radiation: Dakai Chen;
Reliability: Doug Sheldon/Jean Y. M. Yang-Scharlotta
4:00 PM NEPP Packaging Roadmap and Tasks
Presentation 1 | Presentation 2 | Presentation 3
Reza Ghaffarian, Rajeshuni Ramesham
5:00 PM End of Day 3

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