NASA Electronic Parts and Packaging Program

Parts Engineering School: Program Overview

This page serves as a program summary. Complete details are available at: NASA Electronic Parts Engineering School - Programs

Certificate & Master's Degree

Certificate and Master's Degree programs with an emphasis in Electronic Parts Engineering are currently under development to reduce the amount of on-the-job training required to enter the field. The programs will be offered through enrollment with the individual university partners. Each program will be comprised of graduate-level courses offered online or in person at the universities.

The programs will also be offered with a NASA designation allowing students to receive hands-on training on site at JPL and Goddard initially, with more labs to be added. Students will be able to work alongside professionals in the field and receive real-world experience.

The curriculum for each program will consist of graduate-level courses currently being offered at each university. Courses will continue to be adapted and developed as the programs and the field of parts engineering continue to evolve.

These programs will offer a variety of benefits to the Parts Engineering industry, including:

  • Prepare incoming new hires with basic knowledge and supplement existing professionals with an extended knowledge base.
  • Provide hands-on opportunities to cultivate an interest in parts engineering careers.
  • Certificate program and Master's Degree for enrolled students, graduates, or interested parties already working in the industry.
  • Incorporate recommendations for personnel training from the NESC Phase II report.