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NASA Parts Selection List (NPSL)
Ceramic Capacitors

The following basic capacitor dielectric types are available for selection:


   MIL-PRF-20                       CCR
   MIL-PRF-123                     CKS

   MIL-PRF-39014                 CKR

   MIL-PRF-55681                 CDR
   MIL-PRF-49470                  PS
   DSCC-DWG-87106           ---- 


   MIL-PRF-23269                   CYR


   MIL-PRF-39003                CSR, CSS
   MIL-PRF-39006                CLR

   MIL-PRF-55365                CWR

Plastic Film

   MIL-PRF-83421              CRH
   MIL-PRF-87217              CHS